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Safety Information Documents On-Line Service 

Two levels of the service are available, we can provide a web presence that will follow a standard format but will nonetheless carry your own name and logo and be fully recognised as belonging to you. If you prefer, we can totally customise your new site - to match your own corporate style. Little or no involvement is needed with your existing website or IT infrastructure. Environmental Science will manage the whole thing - for one inclusive price -  including providing domain name registration and a reliable service provider to host your SID website.

To find out more call O1354 653222 or e-mail us at the address below

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Please note: Rather than blithely use the information provided by the supplier or manufacturer on an SDS, the employer or recipient should be able to demonstrate that he/she has taken due diligence in checking the quality and accuracy of the SDS prior to using any data contained in them for COSHH Risk Assessments.

Environmental Science is one of only a few organisations that is able to provide a low-cost service to examine the SDS in-depth. Moreover, COSHH assessments cannot be undertaken by simply populating a form with data, it requires significant expertise that we at ESL can provide.


For each material or substance identified by its own Safety Data Sheet, ESL will undertake to provide a full check service for each data sheet together with the supply of a COSHH assessment record and FREE WASP sheet.

Once you have supplied us with each SDS to be checked and have given us the information we need to write your COSHH assessment record sheet, we'll return a Document Set for each material.  

Each Document Set is composed of : 

1). A fully checked safety data sheet (SDS) together with with its ESL compliance report
2). A COSHH assessment record sheet, similar to the COSHH Essentials methodology developed by the HSE
3). A FREE WASP sheet.
Guideline PRICE
£49 each for 100 - 249 Document Sets
£47 each for 250 - 499 Document Sets

£44 each for 500 - 999 Document Sets
Please don't hesitate to call us if you should have more than 1000 data sheets; we'd be happy to negotiate pricing on higher quantities.
Normal delivery 2 - 4 months on 500 sets depending on our current load. However, a special faster delivery is also possible but once again this depends on our loading at the time of order so please do enquire.
Full Data Sheet Review    

The Data Sheet Review provides a fast and low cost way by which companies can determine the status of their safety data sheets and decide whether additional information, or even, re-drafting is necessary.

The checks we carry out are comprehensive. We determine whether the materials concerned falls within the scope of the UK and European Regulations and if so the safety data sheet will be assessed against the PRINCIPAL requirements for CHIP/CLP compliance. The results will be presented as report confirming compliance or indicating why the safety data sheet does not comply.

Product Classification for Supply and Transport

Every customer is encouraged, if possible, to supply details of hazardous constituents with percentages, quantity likely to be supplied, likely use and as much physical, chemical, toxicological and ecological data as possible. 

Single substances or mixtures are then classified in accordance with the appropriate legal requirements by ESL’s experienced chemists, scientists and other professionals.

Data Sheets are checked for legislative compliance and with the REACH Safety Data Sheet format: 
For a substance, whether the classification complies with either that contained in Table 3.1 and Table 3.2 of CLP or the toxicological and ecotoxicological data that are quoted on the Safety Data Sheet.
For a mixture, whether the information about the composition complies with CHIP or CLP and, if so, whether the classification has been determined correctly.
Whether the substance or substances in a mixture have a reported Occupational Exposure Limit, e.g. WEL in EH40, and, if so, whether it appears correctly on the Safety Data Sheet.
Whether the labelling information is correct.
Whether the information in the transport section is consistent with other information provided in the Safety Data Sheet.

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Complete COSHH Report    

A COSHH assessment is concerned with any process involving hazardous chemicals in which anyone involved with the process could be exposed to the hazards. We can write a valid and useful COSHH report for you by assisting you with the assessment.  For this we need certain information about the properties of materials and the process in which they are used.

About The Process

The process may be simple or complex and may involve only a single hazardous material or many. For example a single chemical might be used in a polishing or cleaning process, or a more complex process might involve adding different chemicals (perhaps solids and liquids) to a reactor in very different quantities and perhaps at different times and temperatures. It is important when performing an assessment to determine exactly what exposure is involved with each chemical.

Remember with different chemicals being added to a process at different stages there could, for example, be exposure to one or more liquids added to a process in significant quantities but over a short time period and exposure to a solid being added in small quantities but over an extended period. 

In some cases it may be necessary to break a complex process down into sub processes which can be individually assessed. 

Volatility of Materials

The likelihood of inhaling a liquid hazardous chemical depends on how easily it can get into the air - which is determined by such things as how much vapour it produces. In a COSHH assessment this will be determined from the maximum process temperature involving the liquid in question, and either its boiling point or its vapour pressure at a particular reference temperature.

Note too solids can have an appreciable vapour pressure and exposure by inhalation is more likely to be relevant than say, exposure to dust.

The COSHH Results Sheet

The result sheet provides the following information:

The name of the process which was assessed as entered by the user.
A list of the materials identified as being used in the process together with, for each material, the applicable Risk Phrase numbers and the data entered for that material such as quantity used etc. Materials are listed in descending order of the contribution which each material makes to the exposure risks and therefore to the scale of the measures needed to control the risks.
The nature of the control measures indicated. This follows the HSE COSHH Essentials terminology, i.e. General Ventilation, Engineering Control and Containment
The number(s) of the HSE COSHH Essentials ‘Control guidance sheets’ which from the information entered are the most relevant to the circumstances of the process. These sheets give advice on appropriate control measures ranging from general to more specific advice.  For electronic copies of the COSHH report these sheets are available through embedded numerical links.
Administrative details of the assessment, date, reference etc. This would also include details of the control measures implemented, the PPE provided, a date for review of the assessment (which can be flagged by us if needed), and any other information about the assessment which the user may consider relevant.

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