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ESL Bureau Services 

For companies who handle hazardous materials and have legal obligations but who may not have or may not need the resources necessary to produce compliant data sheets in house, the ESL Bureau Service offers the preparation of fully compliant safety data sheets for the UK, Europe and other countries.

Check Service (C3)  

Many companies issue fully compliant safety data sheets but there are also large numbers of non-compliant sheets in circulation, particularly amongst those originating from outside the EU. Inaccurate safety data sheets can lead to a company being held responsible for consequential ill-health and injuries to staff or to customers. The CHECK SERVICE provides a fast and low cost way by which companies can determine the status of their safety data sheets and decide whether additional information, or even, re-drafting is necessary.

Under the service it will firstly be determined whether the materials concerned falls within the scope of the UK and European Regulations and if so the safety data sheet will be assessed against the PRINCIPAL requirements for CHIP/CLP compliance in accordance with the terms and conditions of the CHECK SERVICE (please ask for a copy if required). The results will be presented as report confirming compliance or indicating why the safety data sheet does not comply.

Product Classification for Supply and Transport 

It is ESLís standard practice to sign a confidentiality agreement with a customer before receiving details of a product formulation. Every customer is encouraged to supply details of hazardous constituents with percentages, quantity likely to be supplied, likely use and as much physical, chemical, toxicological and ecological data as possible. Single substances or mixtures are then classified in accordance with the appropriate legal requirements by ESLís experienced chemists, scientists and other professionals.

Safety Data Sheets

This service includes CHECK SERVICE and product Classification. A customerís existing safety data sheets can be reviewed, and updated as necessary to meet current legal requirements. A new template will be set up whereby safety data sheets can be generated for a customers substances or mixtures and will include CHIP4 or CLP/GHS classification and labelling information for supply and transport. The safety data sheets are generated in colour, are clear and comprehensive, and can be supplied in the customerís preferred format as hard copy, on CD-ROM, or by e-mail in PDF or Word format.

Maintenance Service

For customers subscribing by signing an agreement with ESL (please ask for details if required), copies of safety data sheets supplied to them will be archived and automatically reviewed in the light of changes in legislation or to the information available on the materials concerned. Customers will be advised of any significant changes and invited to order updated sheets for 50% of the initial charge and with no setting up charge. (It should be noted that there is a legal obligation on anyone supplying a safety data sheet for a hazardous material to retain the information and to advise customers of any significant changes).

Service Cost
Check SDS(C3) *   £  49 - 69 per SDS  
Product classification   £ 250 per product  
Production of standard SDS   £ 395 per SDS
Production of extended SDS £ 470 per SDS
Template generation   £ 450 (one off)  
Preparation for supply on CDRom   £ 280 per set  
Annual Maintenance *   ~10-15% of authoring charge

   * Depends on volume/complexity etc.


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