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WASPS Creates Hazard Sheets from SDS Data

WASPS Software automatically creates a "WASP" Hazard Sheet on a single page. This is a highly visual presentations of the degree of harm which hazardous chemicals can cause, the risk of fire or explosion, and the degree of risk to the environment. These are accompanied by visual indications of precautions to be taken and of basic first aid. 

This simple but effective visual message makes them ideal for conveying important information to those who handle hazardous chemical but who are not able to interpret a complex SDS.

The software also enables you to undertake a COSHH Risk Assessment using the "COSHH Essentials" method developed by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE)   

Visual WASPS Hazard Sheet and COSHH Results Sheet

A Pre-Written Library Included 

A library of pre-prepared sheets can be supplied with the package or the user can very easily generate them himself, and he can make use of extensive editing and style setting options to achieve the result he wants 

COSHH Essentials Method Included 

The program also offers the facility to use the WASP Sheets to carry out straightforward COSHH assessments based on the Health & Safety Executiveís (HSE) COSHH Essentials techniques. Advice on the interpretation of the results is available as is reference to HSE guidance sheets. COSHH Reports produced by the software contain hypertext links directly to these sheets

Subscription Service

Offering WASPS as a subscription service ensures that you are always supported and are kept up to date.

The interpretation of regular changes in legislation is under constant review and new rule-sets are compiled and embedded into the package to reflect these changes whenever required. 

It is important that you always have the latest information otherwise both your WASP sheets and COSHH assessments may under or over estimate risks. In the first case workers may not be adequately protected from the risks, in the second, money may be wasted on unnecessary controls. 

Use WASPS software to create your own easy-to-understand WASP (Hazard Sheets) from complex Safety Data Sheets in just a few minutes

Make Life Simple 

The package offers a very useful tool for managers, health and safety practitioners and all others concerned and responsible for, ensuring that those handling hazardous chemicals in the workplace are informed of, and also understand the hazards involved.

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Download a Free Trial Now 

To get your free trial copy of WASPS You can download a free trial of WASPS now by simply following the links on this page.  

You may obtain a subscription from this website or by contacting us direct either by telephone on 01354 653222 or by e-mail 


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