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Managing Risk    

Managing your Health & Safety and leaving you to run your business!

Most small to medium size businesses manage their health and safety to some extent. However some may be uncertain if they are ‘doing it right’ or if they are doing enough. 

On one hand, the law requires that owners and Directors of businesses provide suitable and sufficient assessments of risk for the workforce and, on the other hand, there is an on-going need to keep your business running and making some profit. 

Environmental Science Limited (ESL) can assist in achieving the balance between compliance with legal Health & Safety Regulations and running your business.


ESL can provide reassurance that what you have in place is suitable and sufficient and can offer practical advice and guidance to make sure that you are doing what you can to safeguard your workforce and satisfy your legal duties.

ESL can offer different levels of service so that you can select one that is best suited to your requirements and meet your budget. 

This allows you, the business owner, to focus on your business and make more profit whilst ESL manages or provides support for your Health & Safety requirements.

Level 1 - Provide a ‘Health Check’ for your Health & Safety management practices.

This involves a visit to your premises by one of our experienced staff. He or she will walk round your workplace and discuss your practices before preparing a short report based on his/her findings, bearing in mind the above objectives. For this level of service, it will require half a day on site and will be followed by a short, confidential report with recommendations. 

The outcome from this service will determine whether the next level of service is recommended as a follow up.

Level 2 - Provide Support and Guidance for your Health & Safety Manager

This may involve supply of information, assistance and guidance on:

>    Current and impending UK legislation
>    EU legislation and Directives (e.g. REACH)
>    Technical systems and procedures (e.g. accident reporting, equipment testing) to ensure compliance with health, safety and environmental legislation
>    Updating documentation (e.g. Health & Safety policy), systems and procedures
Checking Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for compliance
Updating risk assessments and COSHH assessments
> On-site Training for employees on Health & Safety issues

For this level of service, it will require one day on site per quarter and be followed by a confidential report with recommendations for prioritised actions where necessary. 

Health and Safety Audit

The growing number of records and amount of information that is required to comply with health and safety legislation can put businesses under pressure. There may also be the unspoken question ‘Are we doing it right?’ in the background. ESL has the expertise to audit health and safety documents and records, either electronic or paper-based, on-site or in the ESL office.

>     Risk and COSHH assessments
> Record Keeping of:  LEV Tests, Electrical Tests (fixed and portable) and Service records to equipment and machinery


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