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LEV  Maintenance  Service

HSG 258 is new legislation is aimed at suppliers of LEV goods and services and helpful for employers and managers of businesses. All these people need to work together to provide effective LEV systems so that your staff are not breathing in dangerous substances. It is recommended under the HSG 258 that the LEV service provider should Commission, Maintain and Examine the LEV systems on behalf of the LEV owner.

Full Maintenance service from ESL 

ESL now offers an inexpensive annual service to cater for all aspects of HSG 258 recommendations

In addition to the thorough examination and test of LEV systems, ESL staff are trained and qualified to provide maintenance service of LEV systems. The details of checking and maintenance carried out by ESL qualified engineers are in accordance with the requirements of section 316 of HSG 258. 

These include:

} Ductwork condition, especially flexible ducts
} Mechanical integrity, e.g. corrosion, damage, seals, dampers
} Cleanliness of hoods, canopies, duct interiors
} Operation of monitors, flow indicators
} Pressure relief or inerting systems
} Tests for leakage
} Illumination in booths and hoods
} Checking that noise levels are maintained
} Alarm systems operate correctly
} Water quality if applicable
} Make-up air without draughts or blockages
} List of spare parts required
Depending on your needs and work period, ESL staff can carry out such 
maintenance during out of office hours (i.e. evenings and weekends).

The annual maintenance service package includes:
(1)  Visit to site to obtain data and drawings on the LEV systems.
(2) Risk Assessment, COSHH Assessment, Method Statement for each project will be supplied prior to site visit.
(3)  Checking and Maintenance of hoods, ducts, filters, motors, fans, exhaust ducts, etc
(4)  If required, a first-aider for out of office hours.
(5) Re-test of the LEV systems after maintenance to confirm compliance with HSG 258.
(6)  A comprehensive report with recommendations for compliance with COSHH.

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